Session 5 Summary
playdate 17 May 2015

Session 5

15 Renewal – The Swamp of Flowers
The day passed uneventfully as the heroes labored through the swamp.

16 Renewal – The Swamp of Flowers, A Wayfort
The heroes continued through the last of the swamp, but, with the Wayfort in sight, were beset by a 16’ crocodile. Again, Johann was almost dragged under as a snack, but they heroes slew the giant croc before it could slip under the surface with its prize.

As they approached the Wayfort, a rider in the red and silver robes left rapidly, headed back toward the City. Inquiries within indicated that the group of cultists had arrived the day before, though kept to themselves and left that morning on the way back to the City. One stayed behind, and Miguel was able to get his name — Tohns.

The heroes elected to remain in the Wayfort for the remainder of the day and leave the next morning.

17 Renewal – The High Road, City of Flowers
The heroes finished their trek down the High Road into the City of Flowers. They cleaned up, and then headed to Sage Brand with their latest finds. Sage Brand was excited, and told them she would probably have them reasonably well researched in two week. She also asked for a retainer to cover expenses while she devoted her time to this work. They heroes agreed to a rate of 10gp/day, and paid for two weeks in advance.

They also relate a warning about the cultists they saw, and, after a few questions, Sage Brand identifies them as the Scarlet Brotherhood – an organization that is interested in Dwarven artifacts and knowledge. She knows little else of them, as she has avoided dealings with them.

The heroes then split up for the evening after agreeing to meet for breakfast at the Dick and Pickle the next morning. Theo, Johann, Talia, and Beatrice all headed back to their Inn, The Golden Eagle, while Miguel went to his father’s home in a different ward. Upon returning to the inn, Theo found a number of Bluecoats waiting for him, and he was placed under the arrest for the murder (the dragonborn thug in Session 1). Talia and Beatrice were also “detained under suspicion”, which is a catchall for “we want to ask you some questions more formally.” At the station, Theo was booked, placed in irons, and locked in a cell. Talia and Beatrice where set in separate rooms, where they were questioned about the murder by a somewhat rude Dragonborn Sergeant named Chin Nee. After the questioning, they were released. Theo was visited in his cell by Hizzoner Alcon Thaad, the Conclave representative for the ward. Thaad told Theo he was working to get him released because Theo had helped do such a great service to the ward during the rat problem (Session 1). Some time after Thaad left, Theo was brought into an interrogation room and Sergeant Nee gloated over how he was looking forward to Theo being tossed in the dungeon for the death of Lee Nee (the dragonborn’s name from Session 1). As he went to leave the room, however, Thaad burst in with a signed judgment from a magistrate that declared Theo guilty of murder, but set the penalty at a 25 gp fine. Thaad rightly claimed that Nee could no longer hold Theo, as he had already been punished for this crime. Nee, in a rage, stormed out. A few minutes later, the ward Captain, Captain Lyons, ordered the release of Theo.

After leaving the Watchhouse, Thaad was excited to have helped Theo, and asked Theo to help him in return by supporting his re-election in the Ward Elections in a few weeks. Thaad invited Theo and the rest of the ‘Rat Slayers’ to a fundraiser party in a few days. Theo agreed to attend, and then went back to the Golden Eagle Inn.

18 Renewal – City of Flowers
The heroes liquidate some treasure and hear rumors of goings on in the city.

19 Renewal – City of Flowers
Nothing of note.

20 Renewal – City of Flowers
Theo takes his vows as a Paladin under Braxton.

21 Renewal – City of Flowers; Home of Anos Murcen
The heroes attend the fundraising party for Hizzoner Thaad at the home of Sir Anos Murcen, a minor noble and prosperous merchant. Thaad introduces them around to the guests, and finally introduces the heroes to Sir Murcen. Most of the heroes immediately spot that Sir Murcen wears a pin with the same clenched fist as the Scarlet Brotherhood. Hizzoner Thaad thanked Sir Murcen for suggesting the ploy with the magister to get Theo freed.

Sir Murcen directed the heroes to a quieter corner of the party where they could discuss things in more privacy, and sent Hizzoner Thaad back to his guests. Sir Murcen then immediately began asking questions about the items they heroes had retrieved from the dwarven ruins. Theo led the response by refusing to acknowledge that the heroes had any knowledge of such things. Sir Murcen made several threats, including the tarnishing of Theo’s reputation (as a convicted murderer – a conviction orchestrated by Sir Murcen) and destroying the livelihood of Dick and Pickle by having their tavern shut down. He made additional veiled threats of even worse things. Theo stood firm in insisting that the heroes had no idea what Sir Murcen was talking about. Sir Murcen appealed to the other heroes to be more reasonable, but was disappointed. Seeing that there was no further use in discussion, Sir Murcen bid the heroes to enjoy the rest of the party and retired.

Theo approached Hizzoner Thaad afterwards to try to feel him out about Sir Murcen’s goals and if Hizzoner was involved, but came to the conclusion that Hizzoner was unaware of Sir Murcen’s plots and was likely just a convenient dupe. He also offered to speak with Dick and Pickle about holding a fundraising event at the D&P.

After the heroes left the party, they stopped by the D&P. In discussions with Pickle, they learned that Pickle didn’t mind Hizzoner, but that Dick didn’t like him.

22 Renewal – City of Flowers; Artisan’s Ward
The heroes decided to attend the Artificer’s Fair in the Artisan’s Ward and peruse the wonders on display. After a morning of meat-onna-stick and taking in the sights, a young gnome girl covered in soot ran out of an alley yelling, “Febbercand’s Dog is loose!” All of the artificer’s immediately began crawling under tables or vacating the area as a large mechanical dog erupted from the alley behind the gnome girl. The heroes drew weapons and approached, and the mechanical dog attacked them. A half minute later, the dog was destroyed just as a gnome came running out of the alley yelling, “Don’t attack it! It won’t hurt yo – dammit!” The players met Lucius Febbercand, artificer, who paid them damages for the injuries caused by his creation and bemoaned the fact that they had destroyed it.

23 Renewal – City of Flowers; Sage Brand’s Home
The heroes received a message from Sage Brand that she had something to tell them. Upon their arrival, Sage Brand ushered them into her research study and outlined her findings so far. She believes that the texts recovered from Site 1 describe a list of materials for a ritual or ceremony, but there is no information on the objects of methods of the ritual. She believes that the dwarves separated the parts of the ritual to protect the knowledge, and that the other pieces may be at Sites 2 and 3. She also said that she had narrowed down the location of Site 2 to a small area in the foothills of the Wallpeak mountains in the west of Brix. However, she says that she thinks there is additional information here to identify possible dangers and secrets hidden in the ruins that could prove vital to success. However, she wanted to put the decision to the heroes to proceed without it rather than hold the information until she had all of it. The heroes decided that they should wait for the most information and agreed to wait an additional week to see what Sage Brand could uncover.

Session 4 Summary
playdate 3 May 2015

Session 4 Summary

13 Renewal – In the Dwarven Waystation (Site 1)

Continued exploration of the lower ruins. Investigated the forge room behind the third door. At this time another companion, Johann Cupshigh Littlefeather, who had been trailing the heroes with another comrade arrived to assist. Long fight with the guardians of the forge room (magmin and smoke mephits) in which Brother Alvarez gave his life. Recovered a magical warhammer (+1) and shield (Sentinel Shield). Took a short rest while Johann’s comrade, Miguel Lighter, joined the party. The heroes then investigated the fourth door and discovered that the area beyond was completely flooded. They managed to seal the door again, and then opened all of the other doors in the lower ruins before reopening the fourth door to flood the whole complex. Water rose only to about 5’ deep, and was very cold. Johann and Miguel swam through the previously flooded section behind the fourth door, but did not discover anything.

The heroes returned above, but heard another group coming towards the ruins through the swamp. Badly battered, they elected to use a rope trick they found in a ring of spell storing instead of confronting the new group. From hiding, Miguel watched as a approx 10 cultists with two mercenary guards led by a spellcaster of some sort entered the ruins and proceeded to head down to the lower levels. The cultist all wore red robes with silver trim, and had an emblem of a clenched fist either embossed on their robes on as a medallion. A few hours later, he noted their return, although they were much reduced in number and all of the cultists were wet and shivering. Obviously they had been forced to search through the cold waters below and many had succumbed to hypothermia. The cultist left and the party completed their long rest.

14 Renewal – The Swamp of Flowers

The heroes set off on their return trip to the City. Along the way, they encountered a float of crocodiles, and Johann was almost dragged below the waters and eaten. Miguel insisted on remaining and skinning the crocodiles, which caused an argument amongst the party though they all eventually agreed to wait with Miguel while he finished. That evening, as they rested, they were attacked by an immense constrictor snake, easily 20’ long, but made short work of it.

Session 3 Summary
playdate 26 April 2015

Session 3 Summary

13 Renewal – In the Dwarven Waystation (Site 1)

The heroes cleared upper ruins of goblins and wargs. Nobshanka died at the hands of a goblin shaman. Discovered secret stairs under the washroom tub. Investigated lower ruins. Behind the first door, discovered a set of laboratories, including a long imprisoned ghast. Discovered library guarded by a bone naga behind the second door, and engaged in conversation and then a fight with the naga. Defeated the naga and recovered numerous tomes of lore related to the Sleepers. Investigated the third door, discovered a large, lit forge with ‘something’ moving inside the flames. Decided to take a rest before continuing. Session ended with a short rest in the library.

Lore discovered:
From the naga: This location was one of several at which the Dwarves were researching how to contact or awaken the Sleepers.

Swamp land for sale.

I finally caught up with Cupshigh in the goblin infested outpost. I set about doing what I could to be of use. They wanted to avoid the last chamber but something about it seemed odd. We opened the doors to face a wall of murky water. We managed to survive the initial flood and after much arguementI convinced them we should investigate. The water was frigid and far, far colder than any water would be at this depth. Something was unnatural about that. We didn’t find anything of value, it appeared mostly like a barracks. I went up scouting and saw an approaching group. We had time to hide in a rope trick one of the others provided I watched the group well. It was lead by a caster of some type, he had two body guards as well as some mercenary woodsmen I would guess as well as cultist, or so they tell me. They left several hours later quite upset at having lost out on whatever it was they sought and with the frigid flood we didn’t make it easy on them. We followed not long afterword having rested.
The swamp was slow going but the ranger seemed to know her way about. Unfortunately we encountered some alligators that attempted to make a meal of poor Cupshigh. It was like a look into the past but I knew he would make it. When I wanted to make myself a few coins off the hides the others made a big deal of it. Maybe they grew up rich but I liked to get my coin when I could. Not greedy but leaving ten or twelve gold to rot in the swamp wasn’t a deal to me. I told them to go ahead but they insisted on waiting, not sure why I had been out like this dozen’s of times and always made it back.
They made camp later only to be attacked again by some immense snake. It was a tiring fight and I stayed up to skin the snake. Something that large was worth at least ten to fifteen gold even untreated. I was tired in the morning but still we moved on. Another day perhaps two at most, well as long as we don’t get eaten.

Shaman's nasty grip
Don't let them touch ya'

We had several encounters in the woods and managed to survive. I always imagined it would be more difficult but I guess it was always the Bogeyman beyond the wall to me. We approached the Citadel and encountered the Worgs and Goblins. We managed to, cautiously, move close enough for Talia to scout ahead and forewarn us if anything was more than we expected. The Goblins and Worg were easily dealt with as they seemed bored by their watch. They did raise the alarm but we gave them little time to prepare as we moved in. The had set up a defensive wall and Goblins as well as a worg put up a decent fight there but we managed to make it through.

Doors led left and right mostly. Some were sealed shut by debris so we moved into a kitchen then into the main chambers for the Leader. He challenged us to honorable combat. I seriously doubted his understanding of the word as a Goblin. I approached him an began a fight as the others filtered into the room. We had several goblins and two worgs to deal with. It was a challenging battle. We dealt with the “King” and located the Treasury. As we moved back out I suggested we rest here for a moment and catch our breath,

We had only rested a few minutes when we heard movement at the doors we had not gone down. We decided to ambush the suspected Goblins beyond. We kicked open the door and encountered some regular Goblins led, Presumably, by A shamanistic one. Unfortunately the tide of battle finally turned on us as the Shaman reached out and grabbed Gob’s chest and his skin festered and split with sores and pus and he dropped dead. I had seen death in the streets before and often as a healer but in this world I now was a part of it was unique. We continued the fight his brothers being driven by the shock of his passing and cleared out the room. The facility was secured at the cost of our friends life. We found the"Tub" noted in the old books. Or at least we thought we had. We took the time now to rest fully.
We burned Gobs body with his gear in the warrior tradition. We slept then proceeded on searching around the tub and in the rusted out handles found something that moved and might allow us access. We used some of the Goblin refuse to open the tub bottom that showed no seem but squalled and squealed apart. We followed the tight spiral stairs down about 50-60 feet. To a series of odd doorways One stone door with four separate metal doors with multiple handles around them.

We figured out how to open them, the stone door only led to some small stone room, probably a storage area. This area seemed like it had not been flooded like the area above which says a lot about the seal on the Tub. We moved down one corridor after having the break the second door open. Things must have rusted shut over the years. Inside we found a ghoul or ghast and defeated it quickly. Each of the rooms on this side had small cells and nothing of real interest. we moved to the next door and found a Library guarded by a scary voiced creature. It answered questions for us and offered to answer more for a sacrifice. Knowing this was what we were dealing with Theo and I moved forward and spotted a feared creature. A naga of a great ability. Naga’s are creatures of fearsome legend and I cared not having to fight one but it was standing on top of a bound of scrolls and books. Things we needed. Theo thrust into it and it quickly became obvious the Naga was an illusion but soon crawling hands and a Bone constructed Naga attacked us. Somehow Mother’s Hand guided my strike for my blow shattered great pieces of its skeleton across the pile of books with Talia’s shot blowing the skull into fragments it was soon dead, permanently. We finished off the hands and decided to rest here and study the items we had found. The Books maybe what we need but we should finish checking the area to deny the Cultist anything useful as it seems we beat them here.

Hopefully Cupshigh will catch up with us soon.

Session 2 Review
Play date 19 April 2015

Seconday, 3 Renewal 877

The heroes reported to Commander Hale and informed him of what transpired below the streets of the city. He verified that the threat to the city was contained, thanked the heroes, and released them.

Nobshanka and Theo then visited Sage Analita Brand for more information on the items they recovered and to attempt to liquidate some of them. Sage Brand advised she could perform research on the items for a fee and that it would take a week. She also offered 200 g for all of the coins acquired. She had no interest in the other items.

Meanwhile, Sage Sebastian Moat approached Talia and offered her 500g for the research items, no questions asked, and told her to bring them to his shop the next day.

Following the meeting, Nobshanka visited the yards of the Thaumic Knights, a small group of magically gifted warriors, and applied for membership. He was assigned a Guide who would oversee his preparations for initiation and would ensure that the candidate was of proper skills to join. The Guide introduced themselves as ____ Proudfoot, male Halfling Eldritch Knight and a member of medium rank.

The heroes debated the merits of the options, and resolved to approach Sage Brand with Sage Moat’s offer and see if she cared to counteroffer.

Lawday, 4 Renewal 877

Nob, Talia, and Brother Alvarez visited Sage Brand. She expressed momentary surprise at their return, but then surmised that they were there to offer the dwarven coins for sale. The parties completed the transaction of 20 gold and 10 silver dwarven coins for a total 200 gp. Nobshanka then broached the subject of Sage Moat’s offer. Sage Brand was nonplussed, and became visibly colder at the mention of Sage Moat. She said that she would not make a current offer on the materials, as she had no idea of their worth as of yet, but would understand if the heroes would like to take up Sage Moat’s offer. Without coming straight out and defaming her competitor, she indicated she had a very poor opinion of Sage Moat and his practices. Brother Alvarez asked if Sage Brand could recommend some reputable collectors for their other dwarven artifacts, and Sage Brand provided three names. Nob, Talia, and Brother Alvarez thanked her for her time and left to visit Sage Moat.

Sage Moat was an unrepentant ass, and demanded the items immediately or the deal expired. The heroes, not wishing to negotiate with such an opening bid, bid him goodbye and left. They resolved that Sage Branch was the better choice.

Brother Alvarez then went and sold off the remaining artifacts and then had his weapon repaired.
Sister Beatrice had her armor repaired.

Talia visited with her friends in the city, and heard about the unfortunate passing of an acquaintance.

Wanesday, 5 Renewal 877

The heroes took advantage of downtime.

Waxday, 6 Renewal 877


Highday, 7 Renewal 877


Godsday, 8 Renewal 877

Theo, as primary contact for the Unnamed, received word that the Guild had registered a completed contract with the Bluecoats, with an exemplary service bullet. To celebrate, the heroes shared a dinner at the Dick and Pickle. Afterwards, as they had just departed the D&P, they were accosted by four armed men, who demanded that the heroes hand over the research material from the ruins.

Seemingly surprised at their victims’ sudden willingness to take the fight to them, the ruffians were quickly routed, with all of them subdued by the heroes in mere moments. The Bluecoats arrived on the scene quickly, and with many witnesses making statements that the heroes were the wronged party, they called for a paddy wagon and hauled the ruffians away.

The heroes returned to the D&P to discuss the events, and resolved to be alert for more danger in the near future.

Primeday, 9 Renewal 877

The heroes received word that Sage Brand would be ready to provide a preliminary report and would they please attend her shop after dinner at 7ish. They did so, but upon opening the door, heard a stifled scream from upstairs. They raced through the shop to the upstairs apartment, but were accosted by assassins who had been questioning the Sage and acquiring the research materials. A furious altercation erupted, with Theo being downed by an assassin during the fight, but the assassins were defeated, with one killed and the other captured.

Sage Brand thanked the heroes, and asked if she could deliver her report prior to calling the Bluecoats as she felt it was important and didn’t want to risk the information not being passed on. She told the heroes that the information in the books indicated that the cult was seeking out locations of hidden dwareven knowledge that may be closely related to the events that led up to the Cataclysm. She had deciphered the location of one for the mentioned ruins, and was working on the others. In the meantime, she strongly suggested that the heroes visit these ruins and see if more information could be found there. She had also, through some related texts, identified that there may be information hidden in the ruins near ‘the tub’.

The heroes also searched the assassins, recovering a small amount of coin and two expended scrolls.

The Bluecoats arrived. They took a statement from everyone, and took into custody the assassins, both alive and dead. During this, Guildmages arrived to investigate why their protections on Sage Brand’s home had failed. Sister Beatrice presented them the expended scrolls, which Nobshanka had identified not as spell scrolls but as some form of wonderous items, and the Guildmages became very agitated. Sister Beatrice asked that she be informed of the results of their investigation and was flatly rebuffed, being told ‘we shall not divulge such Guild secrets.’ Nobshanka mentioned that he may be able to gather some information on the results through some of his College contacts.

The heroes agreed to return to visit Sage Brand tomorrow morning, when she had some more time to give details, and then to set off to the newly identified ruins to investigate.

Seconday, 10 Renewal 877

The heroes made some last minute shopping trips and received a map and a few more details from Sage Brand first thing in the morning.

They then headed out on what was expected to be a 3-4 day journey to the ruins, which were located at the edge of the swamp against some hills. Their first day saw them reach the first Wayfort along the Running Road without incident.

Lawday, 11 Renewal 877

The heroes set out across the swamps this morning. A little less than an hour out from the Wayfort, they encountered three ghouls that rose from the swampy mire and attacked. The heroes quickly dispatched the ghouls with only one minor injury among them, and continued their travels for the day.

Wanesday, 12 Renewal 877

Closing in on their objective, the heroes found themselves surrounded and ambushed by some living plants. Blights managed to land some telling blows on the heroes before they rallied and turned the tide. A vine blight begged parley, and offered information on the nearby dangers for its life. They heroes agreed, and the vine blight informed them that goblins with worgs had infested the ruins they sought.
The heroes pressed on and camped a mile or so short of their objective to be as fresh as possible for the next day.

Rats in my Favorite Eatery
Gotta skip the meat pie's for next few weeks

“I just signed my life away” I thought quietly as the ink dried on the Adventurer’s guild charter. It was a lifetimes worth of savings, not that money meant much to me. I had been comfortable and uncomfortable in my life and neither meant much; they came they went.

I had loose associations with my companions Beatrice a recent arrival from the outlands had family, a ranger I knew from my father’s caravan looking for something more. We had finished inspection and were on our way to the Dick and Pickle, named after its diminutive owners and good friends. Just as we arrived we saw people pouring out and the high pitched voices of the proprietor’s carrying above the others. “Rats . . .RATS”.

We dove in through the doors and quickly cleared the rats and their rather large leaders, the size of ponies. Dick was injured but Mother’s blessings healed the wounds. We followed the path downstairs and ran into yet more. We soon saw the broken trapdoor once covered now leading down to the sewers below. The Tinners finally showed up and we gave our statements. Then Commander Hale the Lord of the Tinners. He said the rats were bursting up all over the city. He offered a hundred gold to find out why. We agreed and proceeded down into the stench.

In the sewers what passed for the normal animals had taken with madness attacking us without thought. They came from the vile waters, bats in the air. We beat them all back. Suddenly we heard a scream. Rushing forward we found a large rat attacking muttering Mary or Miriam or something like that. I had heard the urban legends and only the muttering part stayed the same. Once healed she went about her business and invited us into her lair. She muttered and made some sense speaking of a guard and the busting of rocks not far away.

We moved ahead finding dead dwarves and a hollowed out wall not matching anything else. The guards tried to ambush us and held strong positions but we managed to climb up and into the chamber with dwarven statues and stairs down. We subdued two of the guards and tried to question them but after failing to be helpful Theo murdered one of them against my advice. He claims to be a man of oaths and vengeance but this was not that. He will bear watching.

We descended into what appeared to be an ancient library built by dwarves. We fought horrid creatures like an ooze who looked like stone and melted steel, Undead zombies and skeletons. After a short rest we moved on finding a ritual with bodies that died about the time the rats came forth. They looked as if they had killed each other or themselves.

From the rubble another even more horrid thing crawled forth, made of mouths and slobber. It blinded some of us. We managed to defeat it and finally had a chance to look around.

We located a journal written by some tiefling calling himself “Night Terror”. It speaks of other locations like this one and it seems from the journal he managed to escape. We found enough loot to make the investment of life savings seem worth it. The flip side is the too many close calls we had. It is easy enough to die doing this as it is to make it rich.

We returned to the Dick and Pickle and were sent off to the baths before we celebrated. We will have to speak to Commander Hale soon and retrieve our reward and let him know what was brewing beneath his city. And of course to see if Theo needs to be arrested for murder.


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