Brother Alvarez Hidebound

Tall well built man with brown hair and eyes. Scar on left cheek


Human (Variant)
Cleric 1 (Life) Brixana, Paladin 1
Proficiency Bonus : +2
Back Ground Acolyte

Str : 13
Dex : 9
Con : 14
Int: 9
Wis: 14 Prof Saves
Cha 16 Prof Saves

Hpts : 18
Hit die 1d8 / 1d10
Ac 18
Speed 30

Light , Medium, Heavy Armor, Shields, Simple, Martial weapons
History, Insight, Medicine, Perception, Religion

Feat : Healer


Alvarez grew up the son of a house whore not far from the House of Delights. His Father was a merchant from Brix who had his own family back in Braxton. He was raised in the house with his mother until she died of some consumption disease that took her quickly. His father visited several times over the years while she was alive but didn’t want to become involved with raising a child. He made a sizable donation to the church of Brixana since he wanted his son to be raised steeped somewhat in his culture. Alvarez was nine at the time and spent the rest of his childhood being raised as an acolyte of the Church of the Healing Mother. Recently he encountered Father Damien Lightbinger, a Paladin, in the service of Brixana. He showed Alvarez that there was more to serving the church than Sunday service. He immediately sought out an avenue to improve his position in the world, by exploring it.

Killed in the swamps outside City of Flowers holding the line. Burnt and blinded he passed.

Brother Alvarez Hidebound

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