Gru "Bear Spirit" Gaylithino

Goliath with multiple scars and a bear skin cloak


Barb 1 / Druid 3
Proficiency bonus +2
Background : Savage

Str : 16 Prof Saves
Dex : 14
Con : 16 Prof Saves
Int : 8
Wis : 11
Cha : 8

HPT : 31
Hit Dice 1d12 / 3d8
Ac : 17

Simple / Martial Weapons, Light / Medium Armor , Shields

Acrobatics, Animal handling, Athletics, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Survival

Stones endurance
Powerful Build
Mountain Born
Unarmored defense
Wild Shape
Speak with Animals

Cantrips – Shillelagh, Thorn whip
1st – Animal friendship, Longstrider
2nd – Gust of Wind


Gru was a member of the Bear tribe in the mountains above the jungle. Their tribe was known to be rougher than others preferring to migrate along the shelves and natural paths of the mountains. Their totem spirit the bear often moved with them. During a disagreement on territory another tribe rolled rocks down on the Bear tribe and trapped Gru under one. Captured he was traded off to men in the jungle for goods. He was traded several more times accepting his position as a consequence of defeat.
Eventually someone took him on a wood ship out to the deep, deep waters and he arrived in a place with many, many people. Here he fought for a man in dark buildings away from large crowds. His ability to embody the spirit of the bear won him many fights.
Eventually men came and said he was a free person and that the man who made him fight did not own him.
Now free of his Indenture he knew nothing of this new land he had not learned in the arena. He worked as he could people using his bulk to frighten others which was not his intention but still it worked. None of this challenged Gru, at least the Arena tested his skills. He heard that people who “Adventured” Were often challenged and dangerous men. He joined a group that said they would show him this “Adventure”

Gru was more or less a slave having been sold into “Indenture” without knowing what that meant. He was bought by a man who abused the Indentured laws and had Gru fight in illegal underground arenas in the City of Flowers. Eventually the man was discovered/exposed and Gru was freed but knew nothing or anybody and drifted, bored and alone. He is now looking for purpose to his life.

Gru "Bear Spirit" Gaylithino

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