Migel Lighter

Average Height Average Build Blonde hair grey eyes human


Human (Variant)
Rouge 4 (Arcane Trickster)
Proficiency bonus +2
Background : Soldier

Str : 10
Dex : 18 Prof Saves
Con : 10
Int : 14 Prof Saves
Wis : 16
Cha : 10

HPT : 22
Hit Dice 4d8
Ac : 16

Simple Weapons, Light Armor Hand crossbow, Long sword, Short Sword, Rapier
Dice Games, Thief tools, Land vehicles

Acrobatics, Athletics, Investigation, Perception, Sleight of hand, Stealth, Survival

Feat : Skulker

Expertise – Perception, Investigation
Sneak attack +2d6
Cunning Action
Mage hand Legerdemain
Cantrips – Fire Bolt, Mage hand, Minor Illusion
1st – Sleep, Color Spray, Silent Image, Silent Image, Disguise Self


Migel was a Lantern lighters son who wanted a little more in life. He trained with his uncle a hunter and skilled marksmen until he could apply as a member of the Blackcoats. He managed to squeak by on his stealth skills. He has served for several years, The jungles of Chult Anti-Pirate patrols in the Sapphire Sea, but finds the rigorous and structured military life a little grating so has opted out and is looking for a better or at least different life.

Migel Lighter

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